RiderCoach:   Bob Johnson

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Current motorcycles:   2004 Suzuki V-Strom 650, 1997 Honda VFR750

Favorite place to ride:   Back roads of VT, NH, and western MA ... California mountains ... and off road.  Occasional track days at New Hampshire International Speedway in
Loudon, NH.

Riding since :   1983

First motorcycle:   1982 Suzuki Katana 550

Other motorcycles owned over the years:   The list is pretty long.  I think that I may suffer from the well known multiple bike disorder (MBD).  Here are the ones that I can remember:

*      Two 1982 Suzuki Katana GS550MZs.  Cool styling.  Left-overs were available in 1983, so…My first bike, brand new for $1850 !

*      1985 Honda Nighthawk 700S.  Comfortable bike with sporty looks, upright seating position, shaft drive, and hydraulically adjusted valves.

*      Several Kawasaki Ninja EX500s.  A great starter bike that even experienced riders can have lots of fun with.  They are also popular choices of amateur club racers since they are light, cheap, bullet-proof reliable, and they handle well.

*      1985 Honda Shadow 500.  Fun little cruiser.

*      Several Honda Hawk NT650GTs.  A fun, light, sporty, cult classic.  V-twin, single-sided swingarm, clean naked styling, standard seating position.

*      1990 Honda CB-1.  A very cool naked sport bike with a sweet 400cc inline four cylinder engine…very unique.  Simlar to the Honda Hawk NT650GT, these bikes did not sell well off the showroom floor since Americans wanted bigger bikes.  I guess that I am just an odd ball who loves fun, cheap, light, good-handling, cool looking bikes.

*      1998 Honda VTR1000 SuperHawk.  A cool sport bike with a tourquey v-twin engine.  Seating position was a bit too radical for me to get comfortable.

*      1995 Suzuki DR250S dual sport.  My first “dirt bike”.

*      2001 Suzuki DRZ400S dual sport.  Fun bike for urban assault (through potholes, dirt roads, power wheelies, etc.)  A bit too tall for me to enjoy off road.  Definitely not made for highway droning on the daily commute.

*      2002 Yamaha FZ1.  Sweet power, comfort, and styling.

*      1984 Yamaha RZ350.  Twin-cylinder 2-stroke sport bike.  Very cool !  I wish that I did not sell this one!

*      Two Suzuki SV650s.  A modern version of the Honda Hawk NT650GT.  Light, nimble, powerful, comfortable, cheap…this is my favorite bike yet.  I put hard luggage on mine for commuting.  Great for track days.

*      Four Honda VFR 750s.  The v-4 engine is so smooth.  I raised the bars slightly and now I have all-day comfort.  Great for commuting.  A bit heavy, but handles well.

*      2004 Suzuki V-Strom 650.  Same great engine as the SV650 in an adventure-touring bike. (styled like a big dirt bike)

*      2002 Harley-Davidson Sportster 883. A fun, relatively light and powerful, inexpensive entry into HD.

 Favorite gear and gadgets:  

*      Givi hard luggage

*      Aerostich electric vest

*      Dual Star Heated Grips

*      Shoei full face helmet

*      Sargent seats

*      Aerostich wind triangle bandana


RiderCoach: Ken Whitcher

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First motorcycle:   '75 Suzuki GT380 (two-stroke triple) - $1100 brand new!

Current motorcycle:  '02 Suzuki Intruder 1400

Favorite places to ride: Carolina and Florida

Favorite mantra:  

"the secret of life is enjoying the passing of time ..."

"a good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent upon arriving" (Lao tzu)"


RiderCoach: Ed O'Neil

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First motorcycle:   '82 Honda Nighthawk 750

Current motorcycle:  2006 Ducati Monster s2r1000

Favorite places to ride:  

North Conway area Rt 302 through Crawford notch over to Franconia notch then over Kancamangus.
Riding the Mohawk Trail
Myles Standish State Forest

Other Bikes Ed has owned:  

1992 Yamaha FZR600
1992 Yamaha FZR1000
1997 Honda Superhawk
2002 Aprilia Mille
2002 Suzuki SV650
2003 Yamaha Roadstar
2004 Yamaha R6

RiderCoach:   Mike White

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Riding Since: 1986

First Bike: 1985 Yamaha pw50

How I got interested in Bikes: I have been riding bikes pretty much my whole life.  After graduating from Motoring Technical Training Institute in 2004, I worked in a few dealerships as a tech until I got into custom stuff.  I worked for 3 years in various custom car and motorcycle shops until I opened up Black Knight Custom Motorcycles in 2007 where I build, fabricate, and paint ground-up custom choppers. 

Current Bike: Black Knight Custom Motorcycles Bob Rod

Favorite place to ride:   Daytona, FL; NH; the Badlands, SD; and up and down the California coast.

Mantra: "Keep the rubber side down".


RiderCoach:   Marjorie Charney

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First motorcycle:
   1963 Honda C100 50-cc blue Super Cub with step-through frame and centrifugal clutch

Current motorcycles:   2007 BMW F 650GS-P, 2007 BMW F800S (I’m an F-bike grrl; never thought that would happen!)

Other motorcycles owned over the years (in order of appearance in my life):  

  • 1967 Honda S90, purchased new for $409 in Syracuse, NY.

  • Black 1965 Triumph Bonneville

  • Gold 1971 Honda CB175

  • Burgundy 1978 Honda CB 550K (the seat was too high, I dropped it all the time, and didn’t know about high-soled boots back then!)

  • Black 1981 Yamaha 750 Virago (the first V-Twin-powered cruiser-style motorcycle produced by a Japanese manufacturer, as well as one of the earliest mass-produced motorcycles with a mono-shock rear suspension; it supposedly had a seat height of 28.1 inches, which is why I bought it, but you could bet me!...it was still too tall and I had long legs for someone under five feet tall! I went to a women’s poetry reading in Brooklyn and someone said, “How did you get a bike with the name of Virago? Do you know what that means?” “No,” I said, and went home and looked it up. It means two things: a loud, overbearing woman, a termagant, a shrew, and a woman of strong qualities of body and mind. I chose the second definition and have had the email handle ever since!

  • Custom-paint 1984 Yamaha XV1000 Virago

  • 1979 BMW R65

  • 1999 BMW R1100S


Not a lot of bikes for all those years but I rode a lot of rental bikes, other people’s bikes, and worked for a bike company for 11 years so had my pick of the stable: BMW R11RS, R11R, R11S, R1150S, K12RS, K13S, F800S, F650GS, K12LT (yup! believe it!) and many more.

Favorite Bikes: Any Beemer with a Type 259 or later Boxer engine. There is no bike that can carve the canyons better.

Favorite place to ride: Anywhere in the Pacific Northwest—the North Cascades, Mt. Rainier, the Palouse (WA/ID/OR), John Day in Oregon, Hell’s Canyon, the Olympic Peninsula…  

Riding since:   1967, my sophomore year in college
Favorite gear and gadgets:   OMG, my Gerbing’s electric jacket liner, by far!

How I got interested in bikes: Don’t know what drew me but as soon as I was off on my own with a little extra money, I bought one and was hooked!

What I LOVE about riding: I love the empowerment that I get from riding; like how strong I feel at the end of a 600-mile day or after I’ve ridden a really difficult ride that required all of my attention and skill.

Clubs/Affiliations: Moving Violations Motorcycle Club, Founding Sister (1985); American Motorcyclist Association (lifetime member); BMW Owners of America



RiderCoach:   Dineen Bullock

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First motorcycle:

Current motorcycles:   2001 Night Train

Favorite Bike: All of them for their own reasons

Favorite place to ride: Anywhere with scenery & sunshine.

Favorite riding gear: All my gear that will help to keep me safe and injury free

What I LOVE about riding: When people ask why I love riding I know my answer could never be fully explained. It’s something as personal to me as a favorite season or scent to someone else … with each comes personal preference and memories. For me riding is a time to let go of the day to day. To relax and clear my mind of everything except where the road is taking me. To feel free; whether it’s riding down the street to meet friends, a leisurely ride with nowhere in mind, or explore places and roads I haven’t had the opportunity to yet. To get on my motorcycle and know that as I leave the driveway I am free and hopefully on my way to making new memories which are always better if there are others riding with me.

Favorite Bike Quote: I have two ~ Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul & I’d rather be riding my motorcycle thinking about God than sitting in church thinking about my motorcycle


RiderCoach:   Alan Jay Weiner

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Riding Since: 1980

First motorcycle: a brand-new 1980 Suzuki GN-400

Current Motorcycle: 1999 Honda GL-1500 Gold Wing Aspencade

Motorcycles Owned Over the Years:

Brand-new 1980 Suzuki GN-400. Great bike on which to learn; I kept it much longer than the year-or-two I'd planned. It aptly demonstrated why single-cylinder engines are referred to as "thumpers." I'd never ridden a motorcycle before; the dealership gave me a quick "there's the throttle, there's the brakes, do this, do that, there you go..." And there I went: out their parking lot, left turn onto a side street, and nearly hit the third car on the right. I managed to make it to a parking lot where I rode around for a while. Sure wish the dealership had told me about the MSF...

In 1989, I bought a 1984 GL-1200 Gold Wing. Going from a 350 pound bike to one weighing almost 1000 pounds, my first reaction was "what have I gotten myself into!?!?" After a short time, I felt comfortable on it.

Soon after buying it I took the predecessor to the BRC; the MRC:RSS "Motorcycle RiderCourse: Riding and Street Skills." I was surprised at how much I didn't know, and how much I was doing wrong.

Just under 100,000 miles later, the Wing needed some major work. Traded it in on my current bike, a 1999 Honda GL-1500 Gold Wing Aspencade.

As part of my RiderCoach training, I took the BRC again. Even as an experienced rider, I improved my riding. Training never ends!


Clubs / Affiliations: Gold Wing Road Riders Association, American Motorcyclist Association, NeDOD (just an occasional 'lurker' though...)

What I love about riding: A motorcycle is more than mere transportation - even when just going from here to there. The 'going' becomes part of the complete experience - the ride is *enjoyed*; not just tolerated to reach a destination. No "are we there yet?"

Favorite place to ride: Anywhere except bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Riding Memories:

When my wife and I rode the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia, it rained the entire time. Since we were already in rain suits, we stopped and walked several trails - had we been in a car we wouldn't have done that.

Another trip changed from simply visiting family into a 3000 mile ride - out to Indiana, back through Canada, and a whole lot of side trips.

New Hampshire's White Mountains are always beautiful.

Met some wonderful folks when we broke down on a trip to South Carolina.

We frequently ride locally as a get-away-from-it-all break. Instead of boring-drive/coffee break/boring-drive, the ride *is* the break - coffee's just a nice excuse to get on the bike!


RiderCoach:   Gary Duquette

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First motorcycle:
1977 Suzuki GS400

Current motorcycles: 2003 Harley Davidson Road King Classic

Other Bikes Owned:  

1983 Honda VF750F Interceptor

1986 Suzuki DR125

1999 Yamaha VStar 1100 Custom

Favorite place to ride: Yellowstone Park, The Beartooth Highway, and any road that is void of traffic and stop signs.


What I LOVE about riding: I have always been interested in motorcycles.  I bought my first bike in 1985 and have not been without since.  I love the feeling of being one with the machine and just flowing through the twisty roads.